Lanarkshire Carers Centre is participating in a pilot project called Respitality in Partnership with Shared Care Scotland. Respitality (respite breaks and hospitality) aims to make connections between local organisations that help support unpaid carers and local hospitality providers such as hotels, guest houses, leisure clubs etc.

How does it work?

Local hotels, for example, are able to make a “gift” of an overnight stay to a carer (and sometimes their companion) so they can have a short break away from their caring responsibilities to recharge their batteries and have some “me time.”

Generally these “gifts” are offered in the quieter season (late autumn and early winter) where there is capacity.  It doesn’t just have to be nights away, other examples might be the gift of a day pass to a leisure club or spa, a voucher for dinner for two or tickets to the theatre.  Respitality is a new and effective way the hospitality sector can help their local communities by recognising and appreciating the contribution of unpaid carers.

Carers must have a current carers registration card to access Respitality.
Lanarkshire Carers Centre will maintain a register of carers who are available for Respitality breaks.  Once you register for this service, your name will be added to a list on a first come first served basis.  You will then be offered a break as it becomes available, however if the break offered is not suitable for any reason, it is ok to turn it down.  Your name will not be moved to the bottom of the list.  If you do accept a break though, your name will move to the bottom of the list. 
By rotating the list in this way, breaks will be available to a wider group of carers.  The frequency in which you are offered a break depends on how many are made available and how many carers are registered.

Interested in Respitality?

Please complete your details on the following form and we will add you to register: