Our Board

Lanarkshire Carers Centre is managed by a board of directors who are responsible for the govenance of the organisation. Our board of directors come from different backgrounds, bringing a range of skills and experiences that is of significant benefit to our organisation. The board is also supported by a number of advisors from external agencies.

Samar Sheikh (Chairperson)

Samar Sheikh joined the PRT Lanarkshire Carers Centre as a multi-lingual care talk volunteer in 2008, became a board member in 2009 and took on the role of chairperson in November 2011. Samar, an Open University psychology graduate, was born in Pakistan in the latter end of 1959. She grew up in England and finally settled in Scotland some 28 years ago. She is married to Tahir, and together they have one son, Raheel.

As chair of the organisation, Samar is responsible for the development and effective delivery of the strategy agreed by the Board of directors to help ensure the organisation is managed effectively. She also provides support and supervision to the manager, and represents the organisation as its figurehead.

Phil Hughes (Vice Chairperson)

Phil is the Board’s advisor on all aspects of employment law. Before retiring Phil worked with a large corporate organisation and dealt with the welfare and advocacy needs of employees. Phil has been a carer to two members of his family.

Brian Fitzgerald (Treasurer)

Brian is a Chartered Certified Accountant with a 25 year background in accounting in industry and in practice. Brian was appointed in 2003 following agreement with funding partners that Centre’s infrastructure would be strengthened and secured by professional financial management. This proposal was adopted at AGM.

Jeanette Hodge (Secretary)

Jeanette joined the board in September 2012. She is retired, however still has links to the voluntary sector. She has worked in Project Management for over 20 years and established the successful PIP organisation in North Lanarkshire, the FRBS Advocacy Project for young people and various parent support groups in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire. Working during her career with national non-government organisations and the local voluntary sector, she has a wide range of skills in managing and developing organisations with stakeholders and funders and supporting staff and policy development. Jeanette is a carer and currently Company Secretary.

Liz McCann (Director)

Liz is a retired Counselling Co-ordinator (Nursing) and has been in nursing since 1969. Liz’ career took her into different fields of nursing including general nursing, midwifery, district nursing specialising in terminal care, health visiting and latterly specialising in blood borne viruses.

Arlene McNeil (Director)

Arlene worked in Local Authority supported accommodation and, in a voluntary capacity, was active within her local community council. Arlene is a former carer and is also a member of South Lanarkshire Carers Network.

Kevin McGoldrick (Director)

Kevin is Business Administrator for a local private company and has a varied range of skills. He has twin daughters, one of which has Spina Bifida. Kevin has mobility problems due to a long standing and severe arthritic condition. When his condition allows, Kevin actively shares the caring role with his wife. There are occasions, however, when his wife has a dual caring role. Kevin brings a knowledge and understanding of disability and its impact to the Board.

Liz Seaton (Director)

Liz is Chairperson of North Lanarkshire Carers Together. She has cared for her mother and later, for her husband over many years. Liz represents NLCT on Board to strengthen partnership working between issue based organisation and support organisation to help provide a better service for carers overall. NLCT retains a place on board to provide and improve information exchange, joint working and potential to bring improvements for carers.

Bill Craig (Director)

Bill joined the Board of Directors in August 2015. He is a retired Chartered Electrical Engineer and has been in a caring role since 2012. Bill engages with Lanarkshire Carers Centre on a regular basis for ongoing support. He is also a member of the Carluke Bowling Club, a former Gents President and is currently the Club Secretary.